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Litecoin mining hardware gpu

litecoin mining hardware gpu

Guiminer can be found here. Ssvb's cpuminer cflags"-O3 -mcpu970 -fstrict-aliasing" Gentoo Linux x64 PlayStation (2 Hyper 6 SPU ssvb's cpuminer SPU code compiled with spu-elf-gcc.6.2 Gentoo Linux x86, FAT 80GB,.JZ(F)-S.19 412 1 pooler's cpuminer.2.3 Darwin 10, iPhone 3G ARM 1176JZF-S. CudaMiner autotune Windows 7 x64, 70C, i7-2600K @.8, 16GB RAM, bitcointalk post GTX 570, Zotac cudaMiner x86 -H 1 Windows 7, 88C GTX 570, engtx570 dcii/2DIS/1280MD.000 N 220 cudaMiner auto-tuning Windows 7, 65C, asus Maximus IV, i7-2600K. Now right click in the folder (not on a file or directory) and goto New- Text Document. Litecoin runs on the network of users that employ. The client will synchronize with the network to download the blockchain which contains all transactions ever performed. 30 cgminer.7.2 -I 18 -g 1 -w 256 -thread-concurrency 10240 Windows 8 x64, 71C, atiumdag.3.5.UIMiner-scrypt -I 12 -thread-concurrency 4096 Windows 8 x64, 88C, Catalyst.10, MSI GX70 laptop nvidia Quadro NVS 140M 2 cgminer nvidia Quadro cudaMiner. CudaMiner default Windows 7 x64, 72C GTX 660 Ti, Gigabyte cudaMiner 2013.11.20 -t 8 -d 0 -i 0 -C 2 -H 1 Windows 7 x64, 67C, 331.82 driver, i7-2600k, 8GB RAM GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked. Cgminer.7.2 opencart 2 bitcoin -I 11 -g 1 -w 128 -thread-concurrency 1024. Dont forget to change the username and password to your own, you wouldnt be the first one mining on my account For pooled mining you have to use: c:cgminer-2.11.3-win32cgminer scrypt -o m:3334 -u cryptocur.1 -p 1 thread-concurrency. Cgminer.7.2 -I 19 -g 1 -w 256 -thread-concurrency 14208 -gpu_powertune 20 Windows 7 x64, 76C, Catalyst.11 Beta.5, i5 2500k @.4GHz, 4GB RAM R9 270X, 100364L Y 230 cgminer.7.2 -I 19 -w 256 -thread-concurrency 16k-21k. Cgminer -I 18 Windows 7, 83C, x16-x16 powered risers 6950, Sapphire.100?

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Pooler's cpuminer.2.3 cflags"-O3 -mfpuneon" Linaro Ubuntu LIB-12.09.6A, Freescale 6 Quad, Sabre-Lite Board, 70C ARM Cortex-A9. You will see the output similar to this. How to create a secure wallet. CudaMiner- -t 1 -H 1 -d 0 -i 0 -l F14x16 -C 1 Windows 7 x64, 57C, 310.90 driver, watercooled GTX 550 Ti 44 911 Reaper v13 Beta 4 aggression 14 worksize 160 sharethreads 8 gpu_thread_concurrency 2047 GTX 550. Model kH/s Watts Clock (GHz) Cores Miner Operating system Notes Geode LX 800.12.50 1 pooler's cpuminer.3.2 Ubuntu.04 x86 Fusion E-350.4 18 (TDP).60 2 pooler's cpuminer.2.2 Debian 6 Athlon 64 X2 5600.07. The concurrency settings is different with each card, so make sure that it fits your card model. Add your own hardware results by filling out this simple form: m/hardware-compare dO NOT add nonexistent hardware or future projects. At the moment, the most efficient card to mine Litecoin.

litecoin mining hardware gpu

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Youll have to see what works best for you. Intensity, this you can set anywhere from 0 to 18 where at 18 your computer becomes unusable and might even freeze. The default value is 95 which should be fine for most cards. You can look for your bus width here. Reaper v13 Beta 4 aggression 15 threads_per_gpu 2 worksize 128 sharethreads 24 litecoin mining hardware gpu gpu_thread_concurrency 4096 Windows 8 x64, Catalyst.8, g 5670, Gigabyte cgminer.11.4 -I 16 -g 2 -w 128 -thread-concurrency.

The number of Litecoins will reach its limit when 84 million is produced as opposed to Bitcoins limit of 21 million, and its projected that it wont occur until 2040. Pooler's cpuminer.2.3 cflags"-O3 -mfpuneon" Android.0.3, HTC One X Qualcomm Krait. So, for a 7950, that would be ; ideal values are 21712 or 24000. Cgminer.1.0 -I 18 -thread-concurrency 6192 Linux, 76C, EliteBook 8560p AMD 6750M. It is a command based software which is a challenge to setup for first time users. May 17, 2019, 01:27:30 AM (Moderator: mprep ) Author, topic: Litecoin mining with nvidia GPU (Read 27639 times). Itll take a very long time to get a single block of 50 LTC. CudaMiner Windows.1 x64, 331.65 driver, Dell XPS 17 L702X nvidia GT 620M cudaMiner -no-autotune -l F16x8 Windows.1 nvidia GT 630M. Pooler's cpuminer.2.3 cflags"-O3 -mfpuneon" Debian 7 armhf, Samsung Galaxy S II ARM Cortex-A9 (L21MiB). Pooler's cpuminer.2.3 cflags"-O3 -mfpuneon" Gentoo armhf, odroid-X (undervolted) ARM Cortex-A9. Leave a comment below. . Y locked, N not locked, U unlocked by firmware modification?

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Cgminer.11.3 -I Reaper v13 Beta 4 aggression 20 worksize 64 threads_per_gpu 2 lookup_gap 2 sharethreads 6 gpu_thread_concurrency cgminer.11.3 -I 9 -g 1 -w 64 g 6450, sapphire Reaper.3 Beta 4 worksize 64 aggression 18 threads_per_gpu 1 sharethreads 6 lookup_gap. To simplify things, so you do not need to memorize all the commands each time you start mining, you can create a shortcut on the desktop. In order for the litecoin client to support mining youll have to create an ini file in the appdatalitecoin folder. After that, log in with the newly created account, select. MacMiner.4.20 Automatic Mavericks, MacBookPro8,M cgminer.7.2 -I 11 -g 2 -w 128 -thread-concurrency 2400 Windows 7 x64, 88C AMD 6770M guiminer MS-75M,.054 N cgminer.5.1 -I 15 -w 256 -thread-concurrency 3200 Windows 7 x64, 70C, i7 2720QM, Dell 08V9YG. If you are interested to find out about CPU mining, heres the tutorial : How to mine Litecoin CPU mining. Enter the pass phrase and write it down to be kept somewhere safe. The difference in hashrate is quite big, at 10 I only get 80Kh/s while at 16 I reach nearly 250Kh/s thread-concurrency, you can try any of the thread concurrencies within these ranges but it has to be a multiple. GPU kH/s, c M, v W, miner, config, notes.900? If you want more hashing power the Radeon 7950 is currently the most energy efficient card, you can find a lot of them on sale here. If everything is running smoothly with cgminer you can create shortcuts on your desktop by just right clicking your desktop and going to New- Shortcut Now just paste the commands in there and create the shortcut Now you. Choose and download the Litecoin client for your operating system then proceed to install. The difficulty of the network is too high to effectively solo mine with a single computer.

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AMD The speed in kH/s of a single core of a K10-based CPU can roughly be calculated multiplying the clock frequency in GHz.85. CudaMiner GTX 570, evga.025 cudaMiner- -t 1 -H 1 -d 0 -i 0 -l F14x16 -C 1 Windows 7 x64, 310.90 driver,.74 (P1261-0005) GTX cudaMiner l 32x7 g GTX 580, Asus cudaMiner Autotune Windows.1, 75C GTX 580. After you litecoin mining hardware gpu added it you should see the following: Step 4: Starting with mining, now youll have to determine the optimum settings. Make sure you use the concurrency that fits your card model. Launch configuration K110x2 GTX cudaMiner -H 1 -C 2 -m 1 -d 0 -l K16x16 -i 0 GTX cudaMiner -l 233x2 -i 0 GTX 680, Gigabyte WF cudaMiner- -H 1 -C 2 -m 1 -d 0 -l K16x16. I prefer to run it from cmd so I can see any error might it occur. . Download the mining software : Extract the downloaded files to, c: for easier setup later. Cgminer.7.0 Windows.1, 68c, i7-3770, 8GB RAM, Gigabyte Z77 7970, GV-R797OC-3GD.175 U cgminer.6.0 -I 13 -g 2 -w 256 -thread-concurrency 8192 Windows.1 x64, 75C on water, Catalyst.11 b8, asus R4E, 3930k, 64GB RAM, F3 firmware. I will be using coinotron for this tutorial.